Austin Texas Suchi Experience

We all want to eat the best Sushi Austin Texas has to offer. Sushi is a popular dish the world over. There are positive sushi reviews even from non-native Japanese.However for most non-native Japanese, the word Sushi is often ambiguous.

We use the term interchangeably with raw fish. What is interesting to note is that Sushi is a piece of raw fish on a bed of rice. Raw fish sliced and eaten sorely as is without rice is shamini. Sushi means it’s sour which reflects back to origins of fermented fish with rice preserved in salt.

There are various types of Sushi. Here are great standard types of sushi dishes; chirashi sushi, inari sushi, maki sushi, hako sushi, nigiri sushi and temaki sushi. The different types of sushi are as a result of the different toppings in each. Next time when eating sushi, take note of the presentation of the meal because it forms part of the sushi experience.

You have to know how best to eat your sushi to get the full sushi experience. Some sushi can be eaten with hands and some with the chop sticks. The first step to eating sushi it is to let your eyes do the tasting for you. Next place soy sauce for dipping in a small dish.

Then mix a bit of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) with the soy sauce or place a bit of wasabi on the fish slice if you want. Then pick one piece of sushi either with your hand or chopstick and dip the tip in some soy sauce and bring it to your mouth. Each sushi bite should be one bite but if it’s a big piece well, take two bites. As you take the bites, close your eyes and enjoy the whole experience that is sushi eating.

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